Tuesday, October 6, 2009

UTA is trying to Discourage the Disabled and the Elderly to apply for Paratransit

I called the Mobility Center to try to Schedule my re-certify for Paratransit, they said they would do it ontil I received the application and fill it out also got a doctor note that I have a traumatic brain injury. I had try to call the Mobility Center several times so finally I left a message, by the they called back I could of taken the Bus, Transfer to Trax at the 3900 South Trax Station get the next Trax Station I would be there and home, it like the Disabled and the Elderly all do is watch TV and wait for the to ring. I am Conditional I can take the regular bus system the Majority of the time.

UTA has good bus service in down town Salt Lake City, Avenues and the University of Utah. UTA has Flushed the Bus System down the Toilet. UTA is building a Empire Trax, FrontRunner and soon to be Streetcar.

UTA needs to get accessible vans and small buses to go into neighborhoods to help encourage people to take the bus would take individuals to the main bus routes and trax. UTA needs to work on barrier free, benches and shelters and also increase the frequency of buses. UTA needs to start charging at Park and Ride Lots to help encourage people to leave their vehicle at home to help increase ridership at home increase ridership on buses.

This would reduce the need for Paratransit and bring down Costs. This would be Transportation for all. This would help get more cars off the road, and reduce traffic grid lock. Help out our Environment.

UTA Board Trustee is having a Special Board Meeting, now expanded the Sandy Trax Line to central station, Bus Routes Cuts and making it harder for the Disabled and Elderly approval for Paratransit.

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