Thursday, October 8, 2009

UTA is making very Difficult for the Disabled and the Elderly to apply for Paratransit

The Mobility Center never send application, they send me another re-certify letter, so walk into the Mobility Center for application I told the person I would be in the next day so I could show them that fill out the application so I could make appointment to re-certify. It cost $110 for each person that goes through the Mobility Center, then cost $35.00 each for Paratransit to pick-up for a Total of $180. UTA would save alot money if they took letters form doctors.

UTA would save alot of money if they got accessible vans and small buses to go into neighborhoods to help encourage people to take the bus, would take individuals to the main bus routes and trax. UTA needs to work on barrier free, benches and shelters and also increase the frequency of buses.

This would reduce the cost and need for Paratransit. This would be transportation for all. This would help get more cars off the road, reduce traffic grid lock. Help out our Environment.

UTA Board of Trustees are very good at doing Business and not stopping to think about the people that they hurting. There GOAL is to keep the Construction of Light-Rail, FrontRunner and soon to be Streetcar. So John Inglish and the rest of the executives I get there Huge Salaries and Huge Bonuses. $GREED$ $GREED$ $GREED$ $GREED$

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