There no way I will Support a Sale Tax Increase

1. Utah Transit Authority has very Poor Customer Service.

2. Utah Transit Authority is a Model of Corruption.

3. Utah Transit Authority wants the Money but does not want to Provide Service.

Mike Allegra was John Inglish Right Hand Man. Mike Allegra CEO of UTA, Bruce Jones General Counsel & Jerry Benson Chief Operating Officer need to Move On, in order for the Corruption to End.

Catmeow Public Transit

Utah Transit Authority did Earn the 2014 APTA Award Outstanding Public Transportation Award. UTA has a very Poor Bus System & very Slow Commute.

Since UTA think UTA Earn 2014 APTA Award I would like to Challenge every UTA Executive & Board Trustees to Leave their Vehicle Home & take Public Transportation everywhere they need to go.

UTA Executives Goals are do what Help them Earn their Excessive Salaries & Bonuses at Taxpayers Expense. A Good Bus System does not Earn the Excessive Salaries & Bonuses.