There no way I will Support a Sale Tax Increase

1. Utah Transit Authority has very Poor Customer Service.

2. Utah Transit Authority is a Model of Corruption.

3. Utah Transit Authority wants the Money but does not want to Provide Service.

Mike Allegra was John Inglish Right Hand Man. Mike Allegra CEO of UTA, Bruce Jones General Counsel & Jerry Benson Chief Operating Officer need to Move On, in order for the Corruption to End.
Utah Transit Authority did not Earn Out Standing Public Transportation System Achievement Award UTA keeps talking the Future Transportation needs they cannot Handle the Transportation needs of today. There are Baby Boomers then there are Preschool Children in the of Utah, there is a real need to Restore all the Bus Routes & Expand. Utah Transit Authority needs to Reduce the need for Paratransit by Restoring all the Bus Routes & Expand, or else the need is really going grow. UTA way of Reducing the need for Paratransit is to have the Punch Card instead of the Bus Pass. Taxpayers Pay 75% of the Fares for Paratransit.

Taxpayers are now Paying for my Paratransit with the Fare being $4.00 Each I cannot Afford it. For 2 1/2 years I was Home Bound Thanks Utah Transit Authority Canceling the Route 203, I only used Paratransit Once or Twice Month before UTA Cancel Route 203. I was taken of TBI Waiting list I am getting Help now from the State of Utah so I am working on Rebuilding my Life I am using Paratransit mostly to go to Gold's Gym in Brickyard
to get back in Shape. I am also working on going into my own Business, as soon I am approved for the Help, I will need more Taxpayers Dollars to Pay for Transportation. Taxpayers Pay $4.60 each way $1000 from July 2014 to May 2015. Taxpayers would need to Pay as much if there was a Good Bus System.

Catmeow Public Transit

Utah Transit Authority is Celebrating Trax Birthday because it is the start of the Planning of Destruction of the Bus System & the Increase in Poverty & Crime because of taking Buses out of Neighborhoods. Mike Allegra & the rest UTA Executives are Celebrating becoming Billionaires at Tax Payers Expense.