1. Paul O'Brien Rail Service Manager Salary $511,109

2. Micheal Allegra General Manager Salary $397,970

2. Bruce Jones General Counsel Salary $384,188

3. Jerry Benson Chief Operating Officer $306,046

UTA Executives have become Billionaires while Building one of the Best Rail System in the Country, but at the same time Destroying the Bus System. UTA is trying to get another Sale Tax Increase so UTA Executives can do Projects so UTA Executives can receive Salaries Increase. Poverty & Crime has Increased with the Destruction of the Bus System.
Mike Allegra, the rest UTA Executives just do not Care

Taxpayers Pay 75% of the Fares for Paratransit. Because the Disabled & Elderly can't afford $4.00. I have a friend who is on Disability who had several places she needed to go last Friday on Paratransit it cost $20.00 all one day. There are Individuals that can't afford they are going hungry, not taking their full amount Medication just so they can afford to take Paratransit.

UTA needs to step up & restore all Bus Routes also expand the Bus System. A Good Bus System would reduce the need for Paratransit.

Catmeow Public Transit