Thursday, February 28, 2013

It is a Real Necessity to Own a Vehicle

The Federal Government Given Billions, Billions and Billions of Taxpayers Dollars for Trax and FrontRunner, to Help Improve Utah Transit Authority Public Transit System.

Utah Transit Authority has Destroyed the Bus 
System. UTA Encourages Choice Riders to Drive their Vehicles to Park and Ride Lots to take Trax or FrontRunner.

Because of the Destruction of the Bus System Leaving behind the the Transit Dependent, the Working Class, the Elderly, High School Students and the Disabled.

It is a Real Necessity to Own a Vehicle, because 
of a Very Poor Bus System. Pay Day Loans and 
Tittle Loans Charging 500% Interest, People needs their Vehicles to go to Work. 

Taking Bus Out of Neighborhoods Increases Poverty and Crime.

There Needs too be "FACT FINDING" at Utah Transit Authority.   



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