Sunday, February 17, 2013

It is all about Politics not Serving the People

 John Inglish and the other UTA Executives and UTA Board of Trustees. Plan the Destruction of the Bus System, in order to Pay for Trax and FrontRunner . UTA has been able to get a Majority of the Support from Elected Officials by Donating to their Campaigns and giving them other Benefits from UTA.

Utah Transit Authority has Hurt Hundreds, Hundreds and Hundreds of People, because   the Destruction of the Bus System.

I Think of a Friend Needs to be too Trax by 5:00 A.M. a Mile away from his Home. The Elderly 85 Year Old Women who Walks Several Blocks to a Bus Stop. I also Think about the Two Individuals Live in a Care Center for Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors all they needs is Transportation too a LDS Temple. People have Lost Jobs, also there are many Individuals that have Lost there Independence all because of Destruction of the Bus System. What UTA has cause is more need for Food Stamps, Medicaid, People going to the Food Bank and more Homeless. Taking Bus out of Neighborhood Increases Poverty and Crime.

Utah Transit Authority keep saying they do not have the Finances. But UTA Spend a Average of 
$260,000 a Year on Lobbyists. UTA also Pay $610,000 UTA Board of Trustees Travel around the World and Elected Officials Travel the United States. John Inglish Severance Package Total $364,406 will receive a Lifetime $200,000 Pension.

  There Needs too be "FACT FINDING" at Utah Transit Authority.  


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