Friday, January 25, 2013

There Needs to be "FACT FINDING" at Utah Transit Authority

1.Why does Utah Transit Authority Spend a Average of  $260,000 a Year on Lobbyists?

2. Why did Utah Transit Authority Pay $610,000 have Utah Transit Authority Board of Trustees too Travel the World and for Elected Officials too Travel the United States?

3. Why is Utah Transit Authority Number 1 Transit Agency in the United States went UTA has a very Poor Bus System?

4. Why does Ridership on Trax and FrontRunner go down on Red Air Days?

5. Why is the Air so Bad? Since Utah Transit Authority is Number 1 Transit Agency in the United States?

6. Why did Utah Transit Authority do the Airport Trax Line? When 90% of Salt Lake County Residents still need to Drive their Vehicle do to a Very Inefficient Bus System.

7. Why does Utah Transit Authority not have Accessible Public Transit System to Help Reduce Traffic Grid Lock?

8. Why are Taxpayers having too Pay 75% of Fares for Paratransit for the Disabled and the Elderly?

9. Why does Utah Transit Authority have the Mobility Center to do Evaluations of the Disabled and Elderly to see if they Quality for Paratransit $$TAXPAYERS$ would be better Spend on a Good Bus System to Help Reduce the need for Paratransit?

10. Why after almost every Change Day there are many Individuals Lose their Transportation to Work and also many Individuals Lose their Independence?

         "Utah Transit Authority Very Poor Customer Service"



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