Tuesday, September 11, 2012

UTA and UTA Board of Trustees are out of Touch

  One in Seven Utah Households Struggle with Hunger a New Federal Report Reveals. Many Utah Households had to Cut Back or Skip Meals this Includes Adults and Children. There a real Increase in Church Welfare. Food Bank have a Real Increase in Demand for Emergency Food. Thousands of Utah Residents can't Afford Health Insurance.

  Where does UTA get "Car-First" Culture. Taking Board of Trustees on Trips Around the 
World and then taking Elected Officials on around the United States. The $$MONEY$$ Spend on John Inghish Salary and the $$MONEY$$ Spend on all the Trips. Could Pay for a Good Bus System.

  There is a Real need for a Frequent and Convenient Bus System, it would Help Reduce the need to go to the Food Bank. Taking Buses Out of Neighborhoods Increases Poverty and Crime.


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