Monday, September 3, 2012

Are no Longer Welcome in the Community

  Though Mismanage and Aggressive Elimination of Bus Routes and Fare Increases UTA  Destroying the Bus System, making it very hard for Workers, Disabled, Elderly and High School Students. 
  In The Salt Lake Tribune September 2, 2012 Sunday. By Lee Davidson said Join UTA, see the World. In a year and a half, UTA spend $610,000 on Global Expeditions. UTA say they are struggled to make ends meet amid tough economic times. It no wonder our Elected Officials and UTA Board Members are not Representing the People they are being taken the Trips also.

  There many Individuals like my self who have not been able to go Shopping, Doctor and or just get out of the House by myself. I learn about Two Individuals all they need is Transportation to the LDS Temple and back. We are no longer Welcome in the Community.

   It is all about Trax, FrontRunner and Streetcar. UTA has make it "Car First Culture"
Just so UTA Executives can keep their Excessive SALARIES and BONUSES!!

  I Posted the Article Join UTA, see the World Below.  


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