Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Destruction of the Bus System

   I really enjoy the Fixed Routed having my own Independence and making new friends. But since UTA cancel Route 203, I am now home most of the time. I am not the only individual that has been hurt by canceling route 203. I finally got off the Brain Injury Waiter one of my goal is to become Self-Employ so I can be Self Efficient having route 203 restored I would be able be Independence.

   Trax, FrontRunner and StreetCar is moving full Speed Ahead, the Destruction of the Bus System. There have been many Components to this process of Destruction. A Good Bus System "Just Got Better" It is Hurry and Wait for 

Transit Dependence.
Fare Increases
Reduces Ridership
Service Cuts

  Also Ridership, Even Individuals that have their Car Drive to Work instead of taking the Bus Due Service Cuts. This leaves the Transit Dependence, Working Class, the Elderly, High School Students, and the Disabled Discriminated against. Cuts to Early Morning, Evening and Weekends Service making it hard on Low Wage Workers to get to and from Work. 

  Rights of the Disabled Especially those using Wheelchairs Disrespect for the Disabled and Pressure from Management on Drivers to meet Unrealistic Time  Demands Contributing to the literal Leaving behind of the Disabled.

  Taking Buses out of Neighborhoods Increases Crime and Poverty.

  A Good Transit System Helps Strengthen the Community.

   A Good Bus System does not Earn the Excessive Salaries and Bonuses.

  Next Month I will come Speak about Reducing the Need and Cost for Paratransit.

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