Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sale Tax Dollars No Longer Wanted

 I am a traumatic brain injury survivor. I was in an auto/pedestrian accident that is how I receive my traumatic brain injury and also I fracture my pelvic.

I have really enjoyed taking the regular bus not only it has given me my own independence I have met so many individuals that I would never met if I never took bus. But come August 7, 2011 Route 203 along 300 East will be cancel. I have been told there is the State Street Bus and Route 205, those Bus Routes will not Help me I have problem with my pelvic and my right thigh from accident. I could use Paratransit but that $3.00 each way in order to pay for Paratransit, I would have too reduce doing hobbies with are very therapeutic for so I do have take as much medication. So since I will not have easy access to get out into the Community I am now working on getting a Amazon Gift Card so I can start Ordering Online.

There will be Thousands Individuals that will be hurt. Come August 7, 2011 with all Bus Routes that being Cancel. Will have Increased Burden on Local Governments and the State. There will be a Increase in Poverty and Crime.

All Utah Transit Authority Executives Cares about is the Excessive Salaries and Excessive Bonuses.

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