Monday, May 31, 2010

What kind of Transit System does Utah Transit Authority have

Why is John Inglish Salary $339,000 and the rest UTA Executives Salaries are real Excessive. UTA has a very Efficient Transit System.

UTA has a Good Bus System in Down Town Salt Lake City, Avenues and University of Utah. The rest of the areas UTA service has a very poor Bus System.

UTA is trying to get other "Entities" involved in Public Transportation for the Disabled and the Elderly. It is very likely Taxes would be increased and service for the Disabled and the Elderly would be cut. Other "Entities" are not and should not be in the Business of Public Transportation, this is UTA's Job.

Though Mismanagement and Aggressive Elimination of Bus Routes and Fare Increases UTA is Destroying the Bus System. UTA has Very Poor Customer Service and many of the Bus Routes are not Running Schedule do to very Poor Planning by the Planners at UTA.

August 2009 Changed Day Sandy Trax, end of the Line would be Energy Solution Arena instead of Central Station the Saving would be $2.5 Million Dollars to Help Pay for more Direct from Sandy to the University of Utah Trax End of the Line to Central Station, Individuals could of Transfer to a University of Utah Train that goes to Central Station or got off at Gallivan Plaza taken a Bus to Central Station. But do to Complaints UTA Restore Service Back to Central Station. Taxpayers are having to Subsidized Trax and FrontRunner. Taxpayers Subsidize FrontRunner $1800 for every Passenger a Month. $$BIG BILL$$

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