Saturday, March 27, 2010

UTA has been so Dishonest with the TAXPAYERS

This is one of thing that I was Fighting for after the 2007 Change Day, UTA had Cancel a lot Bus Routes. UTA needs to get Accessible Vans and Small Buses to go into Neighborhoods to Help Encourage People to take the Bus and take Individuals to the Main Bus Routes and to Trax. UTA needs to expand the Bus System, Increase the Frequency of Buses and Lower Fares and also Charge for Parking at Park and Ride Lots, to Help Increase Ridership on Buses.

So UTA can Justify a Grand for Deviate Off Route, so they can Cancel the Route 203.
UTA has Cancel the 5:06 A.M. from the 3900 South Trax Station making it Harder for Workers to go to Work. Then UTA is having the Route 203 make a Left Turn on 400 South Instead of 200 South, making it Harder for Individuals to do Transfers or go do things Down Town. This Discourages Riders and makes Harder for the "TRANSIT DEPENDENT".

The Deviate Route is Something I have been Fighting for, not in the way UTA is going about it. I would like to see Individuals that use Deviate Route be able have a Bus Pass so they can use it get take the UTA Main Bus or Trax. The Disabled and the Elderly did not Choose the Position that in, it will be Charge Additional $1.00 for Deviations. Because UTA get a Grant for the Deviate Route, they will be able to Save the $$MONEY$$ that went into 203 Route into Help Subsidized Trax and FrontRunner.

UTA has several Deviate Routes not only do they get Grants for them, but is Cheaper for they are Paratransit Drivers, they make less $$MONEY$$ then the Regular Fixed Route Drivers. The Drivers have too get out of there Seat go Outside to take out the Lift, none of the Paratransit Buses not able to Lower it to make Easier for People to get on. UTA does not Care about its Drivers or their Passengers.

John Inglish CEO of UTA and the nine other UTA Executives the thing they care about is there Huge Salaries and Huge Bonuses, Not Improving the Transit. The more Federal $$Dollars$$ that comes into the Help Increases there Salaries and Bonuses.

UTA has been Destroying the Bus System for 15 Years, the Worst was August 2007 Change Day. I have talk to so many Passengers that have lost their Jobs do to Lose Transportation to Work. Unemployment is going again come April 4, 2010, there so many Individuals that be Losing Jobs.

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