Friday, February 19, 2010

Stop America's Worst Train Project

UTA's extension is emblematic of the catastrophes undermining America's economy and Utah's common sense, rationality and frugality, too. The FTA has never been a party to a more absurd rail project than this.

In a Standard Examiner op-ed last May, BYU Economics Department Chairman Michael Ransom said,"...(UTA)embarks on rail expansion program whose underlying economics absolutely boggles the mind." Besides $1800/month per-passenger FrontRunner costs, he warned of "even worse economics" of other rail projects, particularly Draper.

UTA wants a 1/2 billion TRAX extension to replace ONE paratransit shuttle-bus, over a nearly congruent route. F546 runs every 100 minutes past only 10 stops in a 12 square-mile area of mostly $1/2-million, 1/2-acre homes.

UTA intends sending 73 trains to Draper daily to carry 30 established bus users.

Draper TRAX will cost $39 million annually, versus approximately $150,000 for the shuttle-bus. The proof of the irrationality and dis-economy of the train lies in two facts. First the shuttle runs mostly empty. Second, UTA still service 94th South with two low shuttle buses (F94 Fast Bus), ten years after Sandy refused to allow a $1/2 billion+ TRAX extension there.

This problem needs immediate scrutiny, open debate, and a Grand Jury. With tremendous demands on dwinding tax dollars, this train must be deleted.

Senator Bob Bennett and Senator Orrin Hatch able to push through $10 million Earmark for Draper. "GOVERNMENT WASTE"

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