Friday, January 29, 2010

What Joke UTA having Free Fare on February 12, 2009

Utah Transit Authority has Good Frequent and Convenient Transit System in Down Town Salt Lake, Avenues, University of Utah and in Ogden. The rest of the places where UTA service the Transit System is not Frequent and Convenient.

FrontRunner is a Total Failure the FrontRunner that has several Buses for People Transfer too is the Ogden and Salt Lake Station the Pleasant View and Layton have no Bus Service too.

UTA does nothing to Encourage People to take Public Transit. The Unemployment in the State of Utah is 6.7 every time UTA has change day more People Lose there Jobs do to Losing there Transportation. Taking Buses out of Neighborhoods Increases Unemployment, Poverty and Crime.

Our Transit System is not Working there is Traffic Grid Lock Discouraging People from going Shopping so they Shop Online.

UTA does not Care about People Losing Transportation, "just a example it been going on for years" In December 2009 UTA Cuts Back Service to Save $500 Million, Keeps BONUSES Worth $600 Million.

It is not about Improving Transportation it is what bring in the most Federal $$DOLLARS$$ so the UTA Executives can Keep their Huge Salaries and Huge Bonuses. A Good Transit System does not do this.

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