Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It is All About $MONEY$ not Improving Pubic Transit

Utah Transit Authority Cuts Back Service $500K Keeps Bonuses Worth $600K. Cut back in Service and Cut too Employees, Helps Show Utah Transit Authority Board of Trustees that they are more Efficent, also all the Money they get for all the Transportation Project, Gets them the Huge Salaries and Bonuses. All John Inglish and the 9 more Executives care about is there Huge Salaries and Huge Bonuses not how they are Spending Our Tax Dollars and the People they are Hurting.

I am having hard time understanding there are three United Way Employees on the UTA Board of Trustees. United Way is a Non-Profit to Help People make there Lifes Better,
UTA is making it harder for People to get to where they need go, taking Buses Out of Neighborhoods Increases Proverty and Crime. Larry Ellertson Chair of Utah Transit Authority Board of Trustees, Robert Hunter and P.Bret Millburn Work for United Way.

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