Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Utah Transit Authority doing with our Tax Dollars

Utah Transit Authority has good bus service in down town Salt Lake City, Avenues and the University of Utah. UTA has destroyed the bus system in the rest of Salt Lake County.

UTA has destroyed the bus system so much, making it harder for the working class to have good job, disabled and the elderly to go where they need to go. I have a friend that lives in down town Salt Lake City that is disabled, she has a hard time taking a bus by her self so she her grocery shopping at Ride-Aid, she can't get enough food that is nutritional, there many other individuals can only shop at convenient store. When a good bus service is taken out of neighborhoods there is a increase of Poverty and Crime.

Utah Transit Authority complain the Paratransit is so costly. Has Taxpayers we need to start asking why does UTA start working on reducing need for Paratransit? UTA needs to get accessible vans and small buses to go into neighborhoods to help encourage people to take the bus and take individuals to the main bus routes and to trax. UTA needs to work on barrier free, benches and shelters. UTA needs to expand the bus system, increase the frequency of buses and lower fares and also charge for parking at park and ride lots, to help increase ridership on buses.

This would reduce Costs and Need for Paratransit. This would help reduce traffic grid lock. This would be transportation for all. Also help out our Environment.

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