Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Good Transit System Help bring the Community Together and Increase Fitness Level

On January 27, 1995, I was in a auto/pedestrian accident on 3300 South 300 East. As a result of the accident I received a traumatic brain injury and a pelvic fracture. Life is more of a challenge now. I am Paratransit approved I only use Paratransit went I really need too. I enjoy taking the regular fixed route I am able to meet people that I would never met if I did take the bus, I also do alot walking went I take the fixed bus system. What really enjoy about fixed Bus System is that I really have more FREEDOM. I want the Paratransit to be Affordable and Accessible for the Disabled and the Elderly.

Utah Transit Authority need to to get Accessible Vans and Small Buses to go into Neighborhoods to Help Encourage People to take Individual's to the Main Bus Routes and to Trax. Utah Transit Authority needs to work together with Cities and Individual's in the Community work on Barrier Free, Benches and Shelters. Utah Transit Authority needs to expand the Bus System, Increase the Frequency of Buses and Lower Fares and also Charge for Parking at Park and Ride Lots, to Help Increase Ridership on Buses.

This would reduce Costs and Needs for Paratransit. This would help reduce Traffic Grid Lock. This would be Transportation for all. Also Help out Our Environment.

Cities,UDOT, UTA and Individual's from Community work together to Educate Motorists, Pedestrians, Motorcycles. To help make our roads safer.

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