Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Benefit of a Good Bus System

  1. A Good Bus System Helps Strengthen the Community.

 2. A Good Bus System Helps Encourages People to Leave their Vehicles at Home and Help out our Environment.

 3. A Good Bus System Helps Individuals become more Physically Fit.

 4. A Good Bus System Helps Reduce Traffic Grid Lock.
 5. A Good Bus System Helps Reduce COSTS and Need for Paratransit.

 6. A Good Bus System Help Reduce Road Construction.

 7. A Good Bus System has FREE FARE.

 8. A Good Bus System Work on Barrier Free, Benches and Shelters.

 9. A Good Bus System Helps Encourage People to take the Bus to go Shopping, Help Increase Sale Tax.

 10. A Good Bus System Helps Reduce Poverty and Crime.

   I am a person with a traumatic brain injury, I do not drive because of my disability. I have other forms of transportation, 
but I really enjoy taking the bus because I have my own independence and I enjoy making new friends. My concern is    that many of the disabled and the elderly do not have any other 
form of transportation. Another of my concerns is that every change day at bus routes are cancel, many individuals lose their jobs because they lose their transportation to work.

 It is more important that UTA Executives receive their Excessive Salaries and Bonuses at Taxpayers Expense. Just let the Government take care of the Individuals that Loss their Jobs, Disabled and the Elderly.


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