Sunday, February 13, 2011

Utah Transit Authority is the Second to having the most Inefficient Bus System

   My name is Tammi, and on January 27, 1995, I was in an auto/pedestrian accident. As a result of the accident I received a severe traumatic brain injury and pelvic fracture. Life is more of a challenge now, my hobbies are very therapeutic for me so I do not have to take as much medication.

  Two weeks ago I was ask to do a survey on housing for the Disability Law Center, my respond. Why? Because UTA as nothing but cut bus routes making very poor bus system, its makes it very hard for the disabled and Elderly to have a good quantity life.

  Having housing for the disabled and the elderly only works if there a good bus system. 

   The needs are keep growing because of baby boomers and the war. More and more soldiers are coming home disabled, and they will not be able to drive.

   Is the disabled and the Elderly going to have to go live in a Nursing Home at Taxpayers Expense, if they do not have the support that they need to live in the Community.

  A Good Bus System does not Earn the UTA Executives the Excessive BONUSES at TAXPAYER EXPENSE.

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