Sunday, February 20, 2011

UTA is taking Advantage of the Disabled

   With all the Computer Programs and Technology there no reason for Utah Transit Authority to be Paying for $39 for Pick-Up and $78 round Trip for Paratransit.

   The Mobility Center is a Total Waste of Taxpayers $$DOLLARS$$. It where they have the Disabled and the Elderly go for Evaluation to see if they Qualify for Paratransit Cost $110 and $78 round by Paratransit. This should only take a Doctor Note.

   The UTA as the Mobility Center is that they are trying to get other "ENTITIES" in Providing Transportation of Disabled and the Elderly. So UTA can still get Federal Funds for Servicing Disable and the Elderly.

  Then so UTA can Increase Ridership on Trax and FrontRunner to Help UTA Executives get there Excessive Bonuses at Taxpayers Expense. They do what they Call Travel Training, they Transfer Individuals from Paratransit, Cost UTA another $39 Trax and FrontRunner then Picking Up where they are to get off.

  Through Mismanagement and Aggressive Elimination of Bus Routes and Fare Increases UTA is Destroying the Bus System.

    With all the Wasted Tax $$DOLLARS$$ on Paratransit and Mobility Center. Then UTA Executives Excessive Salaries and Excessive Bonuses.

  If UTA Executive were Honest Public Servants there would be a Frequent and Convenient Bus System. There would be as Big of a need for Paratransit. 

  Better Start Taking Trax and FrontRunner it Help Earn UTA Executives BONUSES at TAXPAYER EXPENSE. A Good Bus System Does Not Earn UTA Executives Excessive BONUSES.

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