Saturday, January 29, 2011

Utah Transit Authority is not being Honest with Taxpayers

  Utah Transit Authority is trying to get other "Entities" involved in public transportation for the disabled and the elderly. It is very likely property taxes would be increased and services for the disabled and the elderly would be cut. Other "Entities" are not and should not be in the business of transportation, this is UTA's job.

  Through mismanagement and aggressive elimination of bus routes and fare increases UTA is destroying the bus system. 

  The plan for the mobility center is too keep that too show that UTA is still servicing disabled and the elderly, so UTA can still receive Federal Funding. The mobility center is not needed it is a waste of our tax $$DOLLARS$$.

  The needs will keep growing because of baby boomers and the war and more soldiers are coming home disabled, and they will not be able to drive.

   UTA goal is too make the disabled and the elderly look like a financial burden, so they can qualify for more Federal Funds, also help earn the executives their bonuses. The disabled and the elderly does have a good quality life with what UTA has done to the bus system. Also with what UTA has done to the bus system it has put more vehicles on the road and increased unemployment do to many individuals lose their transportation too work. Not having a good bus system in neighborhoods increases poverty and crime.

   A Good Bus System does Earn the UTA Executives Excessive BONUSES.


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