Monday, January 24, 2011

UTA is making Servicing Disabled look like a Financial Burden for GREED

  Why has Utah Transit Authority gotten a
Computer Program too better Organized Partransit Trips?
  UTA Paratransit Drivers are having to be send to one end of the County to another Costing UTA $39 for a Pick-Up for a Total of $78 for a round Trip. This is not Help Out Our Environment.

   Why does UTA have Mobility Center?
It should only take a letter from a Doctor. UTA had to purchase a building and pays Thousands Dollars in Salaries for the Employees. It is Totally Degrading for the Disabled to need to go to the Mobility Center for a Evaluation Costing UTA $110 and Paratransit round Trip $78
    John Inglish CEO of UTA Salary $339,179 is traveling around the Country telling how UTA is getting so much Federal Funding and why UTA is being so Successful. But Truth is the Utah Transit has very Inefficient Transit System.

    A Good Bus System does not earn UTA Executives the Excessive BONUSES.
   It no Wonder Our Government is BROKE because of People Like, John Inglish and the of UTA Executives are Unelected Public Servants they all should be held Accountable for Our Tax $$DOLLARS$$. I have been told by UTA that they are not a Public Service but yet they get Tax $$DOLLARS$$. The Lying needs to Stop    and the Truth Needs to Come Out. FACT FIND AUDIT!




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