Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things need to Change at UTA

   On Tuesday night I took Partransit too a Brain Injury Support where we eat pizza, play games and talk which is much needed. I went out to the Lobby went was time for Paratransit to pick me up I did not see the Partransit drive or even outside. Then Saturday I receive a no show which is fine with me, but there another Individual also with a brain injury who as mobility issues and many other problems, he was back in the room playing a game which some he really to needed to, he as problem making friends and being accept by the community, also receive a no show Partransit is only form Transportation. After so many points many points Individuals are Suspension from taking Partransit. I am more than willing to take his 5 point and make 10. I have a husband that drive's and friends that are will too take me where I need to go, I do not use Partransit very often.

    This would not even be so much of a problem if there was a Frequent and Convenient Bus System. My Quality of Life is not as Good because UTA does not have a Good Bus System, I like my own Independence. Thanks to my Husband and Friends I have other forms of Transportation and also take sometime I can take Fixed Bus Route.

    If I did have the Support System that I have I can Guarantee I would be on more a lot more Medication. 

   A Good Bus System does not earn the Excessive BONUSES for UTA Executives.


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