Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Economy is getting Worse Unemployment is going up

   On December 12, 2010 is Utah Transit Authority Change Day, there be Individuals that will Lose there Jobs, because they will Lose there Transportation to Work. It will be Harder for many of the Disabled and Elderly to get where they need to go.

  I have a really good idea let all the Planners at UTA go. There Bus Drivers that would do a lot better job designing the Bus System. The UTA Planners have the Bus Scheduling so tight, that many of the Buses are running late. Utah Transit Authority as very Poor Customer Service.

   There a lot People that is Hurting Financially Hurting, Foreclosure Homes, Credit Debt and Etc. People would be able to get out Debt and put there $$MONEY$$ to Help Improve the Economy. If there was a Good Transit System could be Car-Free.

  UTA is trying to Lower Ridership, Planners have Redesign the Route 203 again to Discourage Ridership. If UTA can Discourage Ridership it will Justify UTA to get a Grant for a "Deviated Route". 



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