Sunday, October 17, 2010

Utah Economy would Improve if there was a Good Transit System

 Things have hit hard Financially in my Home in the the last 6 to 7 Months, the Mortgage as gone up $160 $$Dollars$$, we have spend almost $1000 $$DOLLARS$$ in Car Repairs and the our Washer Broke a Few Month ago we are having to go to the Laundromat. Do to the Financial Problem my Husband and I have had to go to the Food Bank. We cannot give up our car do to the Fact that Husband Needs to have a Car to go to Work, we would be able to Handle our Finances if we could be Car Free. I am One of Thousands of Individuals in this County and State of Utah that is Hurting.

 Utah Transit Authority has Good Bus Service in Down Town Salt Lake City, in the Avenues and the University of Utah. UTA has Destroyed the Bus System in the Rest of Salt Lake County.

 Utah Transit Authority Needs to get Accessible Vans and Small Buses to go into Neighborhoods to Help Encourage People to take the Bus and take Individual's to the Main Bus Routes and to Trax. Utah Transit Authority needs to work on Barrier Free, Benches and Shelters. Utah Transit Authority Needs to Expand the Bus System, Increase the Frequency of Buses and Lower Fares and also Charge for Parking at Park and Ride Lots, to Help Increase Ridership on Buses.

 This would Help Reduce COSTS and NEEDS for PARATRANSIT. This would Help Reduce Traffic Grid Lock. This would be Transportation for all. Also Help Out Our ENVIRONMENT.

  I know People that do all there Buying on Line do to the Traffic Grid Lock, they only go Grocery Shopping. This LOSES SALE TAX $$DOLLARS$$ and JOBS.

 I have a hard time understanding why John Inglish and UTA Executives get HUGE SALARIES and they keep on doing all these Construction Projects. Then every Change at UTA there many Individuals that become Unemployed because they Lose there Transportation to Work. 

 What are our TAXES PAYING for! The Economy is getting Worse not Better. Taking Buses Out of Neighborhoods Increases Poverty and Crime. A Majority of Elected Officials will not Listen to the People, they Listen too Special Interests. 

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