Friday, October 22, 2010

The Benfit of a Convenience and Frequent Transit System

  The Economy is Getting Worse, Unemployment going up. Utah is in the Top 10 in Foreclosure Homes. Every Change Day at Utah Transit Authority the Unemployment goes up do to  many Individuals Lose their Transportation to Work.

The Benefit of a Frequent and Convenience Transit System

1. Help out our Economy!

2. Would Help People to Save $$MONEY$$ on   Car Insurance, Car Repair and Gas

3.Create Jobs
4. Reduce Auto Accidents!

5. Help bring the Community Together!

6. Improve the Environment!

7. Reduce the COST and NEED for Paratransit.

8. Reduce Foreclosure Homes!

9. Reduce Traffic Grid Lock!

10. Reduce Poverty and Crime!

 Why are Taxpayers we Paying John Inglish CEO $339,179, and the 9 other UTA Executives receive Excessive Salaries.

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