Sunday, August 29, 2010

UTA is Going About this in the Wrong Way

UTA Spending $50,000, Promotion will not work to help increase ridership for the future. UTA needs to get Accessible Vans and Small Buses to go into Neighborhoods to Help Encourage People to take the Bus and take Individuals to the Main Bus Routes and to Trax. UTA needs to work on Barrier Free, Benches and Shelters. Utah Transit Authority needs to expand the Bus System, Increase the Frequency of Buses and Lower Fares and also Charge for Parking at Park and Ride Lots, to Help Increase Ridership on Buses.

This would reduce COSTS and NEED for PARATRANSIT. This would help reduce Traffic Grid Lock. This would be Transportation for all. Also Help Out Our Environment.

Utah has the Highest Birth Rate, it would Help Increase Ridership if UTA would let Individuals with Strollers Fold them after they get on the Bus. It is a lot to carry Baby, Diaper Bag, Stroller and Etc.

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