Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Challenge Everyone to Leave their Vehicles at Home and take Public Transit Everywhere for a Month

I am a person with traumatic brain injury and also a proud grandmother.On July 12, 2010, I when to try to Board the Bus 3600 South 700 West in Front of the Utah Transit Authority. I had my grandaughter with me, I told the Bus Driver I need the Stroller as a Mobility Aid then fold after I got on. I was told to Fold the Stroller then I was refuse that I could not Board, I had my had my Paratransit ID as proof I am disable with me I show it to her, I use a Walker. A Supervisor came and took me to the 3900 South Trax Station, it was hard for me to get in the Vehicle that the Supervisor Driving, I had to put my grandaughter down on the Seat so I could climb into Vehicle, there was no Car Seat for me to put her in.

Having to have Strollers folded Discourages Ridership, because it makes harder to board the bus having to carry the Baby, Diaper Bag and Stroller, its get even harder if there more little ones, grocery. Individuals should be able fold the Stroller after they board the bus.

It is Challenge for me if I go Grocery Shopping taking the Bus instead of my Husband taking me. It would be even more of a Challenge if I had to take my grandaughter shopping with me.

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